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(Registered with IDHA #D0425S)
Location: Littlerock, California
Primary Breed:Drum Horses Color: Piebald
Other breed:Shire
Other breed:Gypsy Horses
Date Foaled:August, 2013 Gender:Gelding
Current Height:16.1 HH

"Stunning Drum Horse Gelding"

Price: $27500

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I am so sad to have to sell my Dream Horse. I bought this boy with the hope that he would be my forever companion but I am going through such a rough patch in life right now that I must sell him because of health and financial reasons. There is not a thing wrong with this beautiful horse. He is perfection and I love him dearly. He is going to make someone so, very happy, and parting with him is going to break my heart.

I bought Gulliver in 2019 and spent LOTS of money putting professional training on him so he could be a safe mount for me. I am an advanced beginner so wanted to make sure he was a good fit before I started taking him out on trail. He first spent 90 days with a Holistic Natural Horse Trainer in Oregon who did a wonderful job with all his foundation training. I have over 5 videos I can provide of his training that was fully documented.

Once I Gulliver hauled from Oregon to my ranch in California, I became really interested in clicker training. So I sent him to a professional clicker trainer for 90 days where he learned even more and did super well with the use of treats and positive reinforcement training. The trainer sent him home with a four-page guide on how to carry on with Clicker training if that interests you.

I personally liked the idea of a horse learning things without the use of pain and punishment. Gully takes treats nicely and he even learned some liberty work. He can even ride in a bitless bridle. He also responds to "whoa" immediately and will even do a sliding stop!

After I got Gulliver home I did lots of riding around my ranch but couldn't take him out on trail until I could afford a horse trailer. He will require an extra tall trailer since he is a big boy. For the past nine months, I have had health issues (not Covid) and haven't ridden him or spent as much time with him, which I feel terrible about. He really misses the attention and needs someone that will ride him on a regular basis. He is so comfortable to ride, like a big couch!!

Gullivers best friend is a tiny little white mini horse who is 9 years old. She is a sweetie and is the boss of him. She looks like a Chihuahua next to him but will push him off of food and he always allows it. They really love each other and I would hate to break them up. So I have decided to offer her for free. Would love to see them stay together. She basically looks like a tiny Unicorn and is cute as a button!!

Gulliver has been ridden in English and Western. With bits and without. He knows all the cues that every well broke horse should know. Like I said, he has had 180 days of professional training. He can lunge on and off a line. He was taught to walk, trot, and canter via voice commands. He is a great trail horse but will need some time getting tuned up again.

I prefer someone with a lot of horse experience for his benefit. No offense to all the novices out there but I think Gulliver with be happier with an advanced Intermediate and up. Please don't email me asking if he is beginner-friendly and if he is bomb-proof. I am one of those people who doesn't really believe in fully bomb-proof horses. I know over time, a horse can become desensitized to most things but Gulliver is only 8 years old so there are some minor things that still concern him but he has a very solid head on him. 

I can't say specifically what spooks Gulliver, but generally, he dislikes REALLY loud noises, such as firework explosions overhead. His spooks are always minor and he reacts reasonably. He has NEVER bucked, bolted, bitten, or kicked me or either of his trainers. He is very sweet and gentle in nature. He loves attention and is in your pocket. He will come to you to get scratches on his back and make funny faces. He is very chill and easygoing like most Drafts.

Gulliver gets along great with other horses. He is not a herd leader but not at the very bottom either. I'd say he is right in the middle. He is a good boy with horses and has always been able to be turned out with multiple horses. He is a little wary of dogs because I had some strays come on to my ranch a few years ago and chase him around until I caught them. He is not violent with dogs, he cautious and curious of them but needs proper intros that are supervised.

Here are some basic facts about Gulliver. He is currently 8 years old. He is barefoot and has huge draft feet. He is barefoot and has lovely feet with no issues. His farrier can give you a full report. He is well behaved with his trims. He is a good weight and eats two to three times per day. We feed alfalfa and grass hays. He loves his good so will get fat if not monitored. He has good teeth and should not need a teeth float for another year. He got a PPE when I bought him back in 2019. I have all his vet paperwork, the PPE, his vet health cert from 2019, and his Drum Horse registration.

When he is cleaned up, Gulliver is STUNNING. He has a long mane and tail and one blue eye. Everyone thinks he is a knockout. My goal was to train him as a trick horse. I would love for someone to continue that. I would even be willing to offer a slight discount for someone who promises to further his clicker training. He is smart and really loved to learn new things!

For serious buyers, I can send you all the videos I have from his trainer in Oregon. Sadly, I don't have all his clicker training videos anymore because I had a big computer crash and lost all of those and a ton of photos. I am happy to answer any questions that I can but I do not want a bunch of tire kickers coming out just to get a free ride.

As I said, he lost some muscle tone from not being ridden by me in the past 9 months so I don't want strangers jumping on him unless I know they are legit riders. I sold one other horse a few years back and it was a nightmare selling him. Everyone who came to see him literally had no clue how to ride. Luckily I was patient and that horse finally found his forever home and I still get regular updates. I want to find that special person for Gulliver. He deserves it. This is one incredible horse!!

Please be serious if you would like to inquire and get more info. I would encourage anyone buying a horse to get your own PPE so you know you are getting a healthy horse.  He may need his shots updated if he is traveling outside of CA but for now he is all up-to-date on everything.

The price is slightly negotiable to the right home, so feel free to make reasonable offers. If you lowball, I will delete and ignore your message. I will not sell him for half or a fraction of what I posted so please don't assume I would go that low for a young, well-trained Drum horse. Please do your research first. These are not inexpensive horses.

Proven in:

  • Trail Horse
  • Natural Horsemanship Training
  • English Pleasure

Shows Potential in:

  • Pleasure Driving
  • Lesson Horse
  • Kid-Safe Family Horse
  • Husband-Safe Horse
  • Dressage


CGR Latcho's Lucky Tango
Cornerstone's Second Amendment

For more information contact:

Sarah Clifford
Littlerock, California 93543

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