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Location: Mechanicsville, Maryland
Primary Breed:Brabant Color: Roan
Other breed:Belgian
Date Foaled:2009 Gender:Gelding
Current Height:16.2 HH Weight:1800

SOLD! "Stunning roan Belgian gelding "

Price: $6500

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“Rocky” is a beautiful 13 year old roan Brabant/Belgian  gelding standing 16.2 hands high. This boy is not only gorgeous but he is safe and reliable for any level rider and handler.
In the barn, Rocky is happy to stand in a stall and will not make a peep. He stands in cross ties and will tie single, Rocky loves to be groomed and pampered, his favorite are head rubs. Rocky is such a sweet soul that wouldn’t hurt a fly. He is as gentle as they come both on the ground and under saddle. He knows what your space is and doesn’t invade it. He doesn’t require stocks and stands for the farrier beautifully.
Under saddle, Rocky will pick up all three gaits. He has the nicest trot you can ask out of a draft horse, posting is not required whatsoever with this guy, he is the type you can relax on. You can speed his gaits up or slow them down. Rocky gives to pressure and collects beautifully. He is responsive and gives to leg pressure without being overly sensitive. Rocky has an equally beautiful canter followed by an easy stop. He is just dreamy. Rocky is the greatest trail mount, he will hack out English or western and will lead, follow, or ride in the middle of a group, he doesn’t get upset if he is left behind and doesn’t mind another horse riding closely behind or beside him. This boy is traffic safe, he crosses anything and everything you could possibly imagine without a second thought. He is not fazed by deer, rabbits, squirrels, birds, or other wildlife on the trails. Rocky is safe around tractors, fork lifts, and other farm machinery. He will stand patiently tied to a tree and wait for you and the other riders to have lunch while out on your trail ride and happy to get back going when you are. Rocky has hacked out with beginners and has never taken a wrong step. He doesn’t take advantage of a nervous rider. Rocky is very forgiving of rider error, he is not overly sensitive to cues but is responsive and not hard headed which has made him great for newer riders. He doesn’t mind someone with unsteady hands or legs, the worst he’ll do is stop if they start getting unbalanced and pulling. He doesn’t have much arena work under his belt but he’s always willing to learn and easy to teach, he always puts his best foot forward and tries his heat out for his rider. And remember to give him head rubs at the end of the ride! He looks forward to them. If you are looking for safe and well rounded guy for the family this is your boy.
Under harness, Rocky hasn’t had much drive time here with us but has tons of drive time with past owners. He will drive single and in teams. He has always been simple and easy to harness and get hooked up, he walks off calmly and easily without any big pulling on his first couple steps. Rocky will drive on either side of he’s in a team and is definitely a good one to use to start youngsters under harness. He hasn’t missed a beat if the other horse starts acting out. He knows his job and he does it well. He will stand all day if you ask him to without having crabby feet. He is safe on the road and has never had an issue stopping at stop signs and standing at lights. Rocky is easy on the mouth and has great breaks and backs up nicely. We believe he would do awesome pleasure driving for nearly anyone.


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For more information contact:

Kaylynn Nichole
Mechanicsville , Maryland 20659
Phone 4437716187

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