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Location: Allentown , New Jersey
Breed:Norwegian Fjord Color: Dun
Date Foaled:January, 2016 Gender:Gelding
Current Height:14.2 HH Weight:1350

"Absolutely Adorable Fjord Gelding "

Price: $1

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⭐️Available now through Monday March 27th on horse bid dot com⭐️
If he is not adorable, I really don’t know what is! Teddy has the most fitting name because he really is like a teddy bear. Most Fjords are adorable, don’t get me wrong but Teddy is one of the cutest if you ask me. Just 7 years old and sticks 14.2 hands, he has all the great features that the breed is known for. Perfect head, kind eyes, adorable head, grey muzzle, you name it he has it. Really not sure what anyone would want to ever change about him. He has a great sturdy bone structure as a Fjord should with nearly perfect confirmation.

These guys get harder and harder to find everyday, so if you’re in the market for a Fjord don’t pass this one by. He isn’t just adorable, he’s also safe and well trained. Rides in English and western tack. Walks, trots, canters, moves off leg, has good brakes, stops, stands and backs. Teddy knows his leads and moves very well. This guy has super smooth, comfortable gaits. He’s like riding a couch to be honest! You can easily sit to his trot all day long and he canters around very well for a Fjord. He could honestly go in any direction a person wants to go in and he is a great age, being just seven years old. A really cool thing about him is he likes to jump and is very willing to do so. You don’t always find that with this breed so that’s a plus if you’re a person that likes or wants to jump. Rides around the indoor arena, outdoor arena, all around the farm, down the road, in the woods and down the trail. He is totally unflappable and is safe enough for anyone to ride. Teddy would be a great asset to any therapy program. Safe enough for kids but big enough for adults. This is what makes this breed so wonderful. I grew up riding Fjords, so they hold a very special place in my heart. Teddy is quiet enough for a beginner, but a more experienced rider won’t get bored on him either so he’s a very versatile all around kind of mount.

Out on the trails he goes wherever you point him, alone or with others. Completely road and traffic safe. Doesn’t bat an eye at cars. Not barn or buddy sour at all and just has a happy go lucky personality with his ears always forward. He’s a relaxing guy to trail ride. Walks home on a nice loose rein just as he did when he left. Goes through water and doesn’t mind branches underneath him or hitting him.
Teddy is broke to drive but has not been harnessed and hitched in about 2-3 years. Being as smart and willing as he is I’m sure he’d go right back to it without missing a beat.

The great part about this guy that makes him stand out from some other Fjords is that he is not strong, and he is not pushy at all. His ground manners are impeccable, and they are so good, my 2 year old son can walk him with no issues what so ever. He never pulls on him and always listens. We never have to walk him with a lead shank, and he is always ridden in a snaffle bit. Some of these guys can be extremely pushy and stubborn and we don’t find that with Teddy at all which makes him safe for riders and handlers of all sizes and ages. He has the typical super sweet in your pocket personality and loves all the attention he can get. No vices whatsoever and a very easy keeper. Requires no maintenance and no supplements. He can live inside or out. Respects all fencing including fencing that is not electrified. Easy to catch and comes right to you every time. No vices, 100% sound in every way and has never worn shoes in his life. Teddy is up to date on everything. Sells with a brand new pre purchase exam that was performed by a licensed equine veterinarian. The report is available to anyone upon request. Teddy is a special guy looking for a great loving home.
Be sure to check out his very extensive video.

Proven in:

  • Youth Horse
  • Trail Horse
  • Kid-Safe Family Horse
  • Husband-Safe Horse
  • English Pleasure

Shows Potential in:

  • Vaulting
  • Pleasure Driving
  • Parades
  • Fox Hunter
  • Dressage

YouTube Video

For more information contact:

Brittany Estevez
Diamante Equestrian LLC
Allentown , New Jersey 08501
Phone 401-486-8784

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